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  1. Flying is restricted to the Staten Island Radio Control Modelers (SIRCM) club members and their guests. All members must be in good standing with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). All flying guests must have current AMA.
  2. All vehicles must be parked in designated areas only.
  3. Flying is not permitted before 9:00A.M. and after dusk.
  4. Flying is not permitted during field maintenance operations.
  5. When finished flying, pick up discarded rubber bands, broken props, coffee containers, etc. Any crashed or discarded models must not be left at the field!
  6. All non 2.4 GHz transmitters shall be placed in the impound area with the antenna collapsed. Flyers can be held responsible for failing to shut off their transmitters or turning their transmitter on if they have not properly complied with the frequency clip system. It is the flyer turning on his transmitter that is responsible to the flyer who is already on.
  7. No transmitter shall be removed from the impound area unless the frequency is clear and the frequency has been reserved with the use of a clothespin.
  8. All transmitter antennas must display a frequency number and frequency flag. All transmitters must display the owner’s name, including 2.4 GHz.
  9. Check the frequency board to ensure that no other flyer is on your frequency prior to turning on your radio.
  10. Flight time is limited to 15 minutes. Flight time may be extended if there are no other fliers waiting to fly or waiting for the frequency. A glider or 1/2A aircraft may extend flight time but may not exceed 30 minutes.
  11. Extended running of engines for break in purposes is not permitted in the pits.
  12. All engines shall be equipped with a muffler that passes the appropriate decibel meter reading.
  13. All takeoff and landing attempts shall be previously announced to the other fliers. Takeoffs are normally announced by saying, “going up,” and landing attempts by saying, “coming in” or “landing.”
  14. Hand launching is permitted from the flight line. Hand launching from the pits is not permitted.
  15. If a model must be carried out onto the runway for takeoff, this activity must be previously announced to the other pilots. Members using this practice must promptly clear the runway when the model is released.
  16. Pilots must stand only in marked “pilot’s box.” Only pilots, instructors and spotters are permitted to stand in the “pilot’s box” as long as it is safe. (designated squares specifically marked).
  17. No person shall attempt to fly a model without being accompanied by an instructor until he or she earns his or her wings. This includes park flyers and small electrics.
  18. Members should feel free to have guests at the field. However, they shall be responsible for the actions of themselves and their guests.
  19. Instructors shall not be held responsible if damage is incurred to student’s aircraft during instruction if reasonable care is taken and accepted flying practices are adhered to.
  20. Turbine engines are not permitted at the SIRCM flying field.
  21. Pilots flying FPV must adhere to the current AMA regulations regarding their operation.
  22. RC cars are not permitted to run on the flying field or in the pits in front of the tables when aircraft are present. RC cars are permitted to run in the parking lot.
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