Welcome to Staten Island RC Modelers (S.I.R.C.M.). Founded in 1973 in Staten Island, New York. Club members and visitors enjoy the company of fellow modelers and enjoy an age old hobby at its finest. Our members range in age from their teens to their late 80’s. Our club meetings are on the 4th Tuesday every other month starting February and also includes November. Feel free to visit us at the field or at one of our meetings.

Staten Island RC Modelers has dedicated its flying field in memory of founding members George and Mary Brown. The Staten Island RC Modelers held a ceremony on April 22, 2017, to honor the late George and Mary Brown.

The plaque, presented to their son, John Brown, read,

“Brownie’s Field, This flying field is dedicated to the memory of George and Mary Brown in appreciation of their devotion, commitment, and friendship to the club members of Staten Island R.C. Modelers.”

According to John, George helped start the club in 1973 and helped countless pilots learn how to fly and to later become instructors.  This legacy continued after his death.