When President Donald Trump visits his Bedminster NJ golf country club, it activates a Temporary Flight Restriction, (TFR) for the duration of his vacation.  The TFR has a radius of 30 nautical miles and restricts Radio Controlled model flying at model club fields within the radius.  There are several RC model clubs effected by the TFR and they would have to drive at least 45 minutes to Colts Neck NJ to fly at the Dorbrook NJ flying field which is the first and closest field not in the TFR.  Not only are model RC clubs grounded, the TFR also effects full sized personal aircraft as well as aircraft giving flying lessons and skydiving experiences etc.  Any time Donald Trump visits Bedminster NJ, a TFR is issued and puts the brakes on normal aircraft activity in and around the area.


Trump Visits Bring Temporary Flight Restrictions
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